William Familton1

(say 1695 - after November 1753)
Father-AssmdGeorge Fameltoun2 (say 1670 - )
Relationship6th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     William Familton was estimated to have been born say 1695 ?Par. of Earlston, BEW, SCT.
     William Familton married Elizabeth Wilson, daughter of George Wilson, on 22 Mar 1719 Earlston, BEW, SCT, Wm 'weaver in Earlston', Eliz. 'Par of Melrose.3,1'
     William Familton died aft. Nov 1753 ?Par. of Earlston, BEW; This date being inferred because when son George registered a deed about Ogles croft (amongst other bits and bobs), father William is not shown as deceased.
Others mentioned in the prior documents referred to are so shown.
NB Someone keeps altering his death date on Familysearch to 29 Sep 1753, with no sources or comment.
Can anyone elaborate or proviide further sources?4,5,6
     My working assumption re William's origins:
We are likely looking for a George as William's father IF they followed the Scotttish naming pattern.
No obvious candidates appear iin the OPR, but there is mention of a George Famelton presiding at an Earlston Kirk Session in 1716 (Earlier Kirk Session records not yet examined for others)
On FamilySearch some are insistent on changing William to the 1696 Williiam Hamilton born Stonehouse, Lanarkshire to a John Hamilton and Bessie Reid who were having children there between 1696 and 1703 (William, Janet, John, Cuthbert). Which seems an unlikely ID.2


     In 1722 his surname was recorded as Famelton for the birth of son George.7

All the other info

     William Familton executed a deed in 1725 Earlston, BEW, SCT, in which he was described as "William Familton, weaver, in Earlston". Witnesses to the transaction included "George Wilson in Blainslie, my father-in-law."3 He was named as the father of George Hamilton in the Deed on 17 Jun 1751 Kelso, ROX, SCT, This deed appears to be either after the Contract of Marriage, or part of it, and specifically names George as Hamilton, "with consent of William his father" and "Mary Sweet only lawfull Child procreat and alive betwixt the now deceast John Sweet portioner in Leussudden and Helen Robson his wife with consent of her said Mother.."
     Mary gives her husband if he survives her, and their heirs, or just to her heirs, "all and haill her half husbandland in Leussudden with the pertinents thereof Together with the tenement houses & yards pertaining thereto lying in the said Town and territory of Leussudden and Shire of Roxburgh" ...
     Her mother, Helen Robson was left with "liferent of one Just and equal third part of the said land houses and yard And with provision that the said George Hamilton shall be obliged to pay three hundred and forty two pounds Nine shills Eight pennies Scots due by the said Mary and her Mother to Sundry as contained in a subscribed Inventory of Debt relative to the said contract" ...
      In witness ... "att Lassudden this first day of February Jaivii& and fifty one years Before these witnesses George Pringle mer't in Earlestoun James Mein Wright in and portioner of Lassudden John Ranchiman (John Runciman)weaver in and portioner of Earlestoun and the said William Hunter ... signd George Hamilton Mary Sweet William Eamilton (sic) H.R. George Pringle witness James Mein witness John Ruchiman (sic) witness Will: Hunter witness ...5
     William Familton is mentioned in the Deed of George Hamilton and Mary Sweet on 30 Nov 1753 Kelso, ROX; John8 believes that this sassine deals with the same land that William obtained in the 1725 transaction which was witnessed by his (William's) father-in-law George Wilson, and here he is passing it on to his eldest son. The deed appears in the Register of Sassines, Berwickshire and recorded "At Lauder on the fourth Day of December Jai vij zz and fifty three years" ... "betwixt the hours of Nine and ten before noon" having been signed on the 30th of November "of his Maj'ies Reign George the Second by the Grace of God King of Great Britain ffrance and Ireland Defender of the faith the twenty seventh year .. compeared George Hamilton weaver in Lassuden Eldest Lawfull Son of William ffamilton weaver in & portioner of Earlstoun who with Alexander Anderson portioner of Earlstoun Baillie ... after mentioned Haveing in his hands a Marriage Contract made and Entered into betwixt him the said George with Consent of his Said ffather and Mary Sueet only Daughter of the deceast John Sueet po'r of Lassuden on the one & oyr parts Whereby the said William ffamilton for the Causes therein Spec'd Gave Granted Alienated and Disponed to and in favours of the said George Hamilton his Eldest Son All and haill These his Lands in Earlstoun formerley Called Ogele's Croft and field Land Called Barnie know with the haill haouses and yeards belonging thereto Lying in the said Toun and territory of Earstoun and Shire of Berwick with all Right and Interest he had thereto Reserveing nevertheless line to Elizabeth Wilson his wife And Longest Liver of them two for their Liferent use their Life rent of the said Subjects Except one half of the Arrable Land and grass ground & pertments thereof And the west most house and yeard And Reserveing to John and Thomas ffamiltoun Second and youngest Sons of the said William for their liferent use The Liferent of A house and yeard of the said houses and yeard dureing the time they out Live their parents - with which Reservation the said Disposition by the said William to the said George ... the s'd Bailie finding Reasonable And Accepted into his hands and Delivered the Same to me nottar publick to be by me read and published to the witnesses bystanding ... the tenor follows and is thus And that the said George Hamilton and Mary Sueet and others before named may be Infest in the Said Lands of Earlstoun The said William ffamiltoun hereby Requires you Alexander Anderson po'r of Earlstoun Bailie That on Sight hereof ye pass and give Liferent here State and Seasine Actuall Reall and Corporall possession of All & haill The Lands Called ogles Croft and field Land Called Barnie know houses yeards and pertments yrof Lying as Said in to the Said George ffamiltoun and Marie Sueet his promised wife ... & In witness whereof These presents Consisting of this and the Seven preceeding pages All written upon Stamped paper by William Hunter writer in Melrose The said parties have Sub'd the Samen and Each page thereof At Lassuden the first day of ffebruary Iaivijzz and fifty one years Before these witnesses George Pringle mer't in Earlstoun James Mien wright in and portioner of Lassuden John Runciman weaver in & portioner of Earlstoun and the said William Hunter who were also witnesses to subscribing the Marginal notes on the first page two on the fifth page and one one (sic) the sixth page also wrote by the said William Hunter And Subscribed on the same Date Signed thus George Hamiltoun Mary Sweet William Familton H R. George pringle witnes James Mein witness John Runchiman witness Will Hunter witness After Reading & publishing their Marriage Contract so far as Concerns the Subjects before mentioned ... To the said George Hamilton And that by Delivery to him of Earth and Stone of the ground of the Land personally present & Receiveing the Same with & under the Reservations before Exprest Whereupon and upon the haill premise the Said George Hamilton Asked and Required this present publick Instrument of me Nottar publick Sub'ing These things were done betwixt the hours of Twelve & one Afternoon or yrby of the Day of the Month year of God & Kings reign @ written Before and In presence of Andrew Shillinglaw portioner in Birkenside and Robert Heart Ser't to the Nottar publick witnesses Specially Called & Required to the premises .."
     The following entry "At Lauder the fourth day of December (1700) & fifty three years records a transaction of the 30th Nov "Compeared Andrew Shillinglaw portioner of Birkenside who with John Hamiltoun in Earlstoun Baillie in that part" .. where "George Hamiltoun late weaver in Earlstoun now in Lassuden" To "infest and Lease the said Andrew Shillinglaw heretably and under Reversion in Manner .. in line @rent of one pound Sterlin money or any other @rent Corresponding to the prin'le Sum of Twenty pounds Sterling mony yearly to be uplifted and taken at two terms in the year Whit and Martinmans by Equall portions furth of All & haill these his Lands in Earlstoun Called Ogels Croft and field Land Called Barnieknow As they are now mullied and Marched with the houses and yeard belonging thereto ..4

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     William Familton belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Elizabeth Wilson (say 1695 - aft. Nov 1753)
  • Elizabeth Familton+9 (cir. Jul 1720 - Nov 1788)
  • George Famelton+ (cir. Apr 1722 - ); ".. compeared George Hamilton weaver in Lassuden Eldest Lawfull Son of William ffamilton weaver in & portioner of Earlstoun"10,4,7
  • John Familton (cir. May 1724 - aft. Dec 1753); noted in a deed of Nov 1753 as being the Second son of William11
  • William Familton (cir. Nov 1726 - )
  • Hanna Familton (cir. Mar 1729 - )
  • Thomas Familton (cir. Oct 1731 - aft. Dec 1753); noted in Nov 1753 deed as being the youngest son of William11
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.