George Baty1

(circa April 1780 - 1 February 1806)
FatherWilliam Baty1 (cir. 1742 - cir. Nov 1810)
MotherSarah Baty (V2b2)1 (cir. 1754 - cir. Nov 1791)
Relationship4th great-uncle of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     George Baty was born cir. Apr 1780 Hornick Hill, nr Longtown, Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG.1 He was baptized on 16 Apr 1780 Arthuret, CUL, ENG; George, s/o Wm, Husbandman & Sarah his wife of Hornickhill (pg 173.)1,2
     George Baty died on 1 Feb 1806 in the Par. of Arthuret, CUL, ENG; murdered. A newspaper report3 states: "An inquest was taken on the 3rd day of Feb inst at Horneck Hill in the parish of Arthuret and county of Cumberland, on the body of George Baty, and after a long and very minute investigation and several witnesses examined, a verdict of manslaugher was returned against George Wright & George Nixon, both of Longtown, since absconded. The cirumstances were these - On the 14th Nov last, being Longtown hiring day, the deceased with others were in a public house in Longtown when Wright, Nixon and other young men went into the house and insulted the deceased and his friends in a gross manner, in consequence of which blows took place and from the bruises upon the side, head and body of the deceased, given by Wright and Nixon, the deceased languished in great agony until the 1st inst and then expired."4,3 He was buried on 4 Feb 1806 at Arthuret, Cumberland, George son of William and the late Sarah of Hornock Hill aged 25 yrs.4

All the other info

     It is presumably not a coincidence that George's father William and 2nd wife Mary baptised their next son as George, four months later.
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