Adam Henderson1

(circa 31 January 1814 - 13 January 1892)
Father-AssmdOliver Henderson1,2 (say 1780 - bef. 1841)
Mother-AssmdIsabel Sinton (say 1787 - bef. 1841); from naming pattern of children, and dna match between descendants of Adam, and those of Peter SINTON & Jane WIGHT1,2

BMDB data

     Adam Henderson was born cir. 31 Jan 1814 Southdean, ROX, SCT.1,3
     Adam Henderson married Janet Easton, daughter of Betty Brown, on 4 Jun 1841 Oxnam, ROX, SCT, entry reads: 'Adam Henderson and Janet Easton both of this parish, were regularly proclaimed in order to marriage & Married 4th June 1841."4
     Adam Henderson died on 13 Jan 1892 Alma, Jackson Co., WI, USA.1,3 He was buried with Janet Easton Houghtonburg Cem., Alma Twp, Jackson Co., WI, USA, Henderson, Adam13 Jan 1892 Aged 17 (sic - ?77? yr, 11 mo, 13 da               
Henderson, Jennie     30 Dec 1881 Aged 41 (sic ?67?) yr, 10 mo, 16 da; spouse A. Henderson.3
     Adam is included in these pages because of an excellent DNA match between two descendants and at least 4 descendants of Peter SINTON and Jeanie WIGHT. refers.
We are trying to prove that Adam is the source of the DNA for that side of the match (it could be other of their ancestors) and figure out how come he connects to either Peter or Jeanie.
So would like to hear from DNA tested descendants of anyone mentioned.


     Adam Henderson and Janet Henderson immigrated on 11 Jun 1873 "Victoria", New York, NY, USA; HENDERSON: Adam 56 farm lab, Janet 56, George 15.5

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     Adam Henderson appeared on the census of 6 Jun 1841 Swinside Hall, Oxnam, ROX, SCT, with Janet Henderson, as HENDERSON: Adam 25 ag lab ; Janet 20 ; Betty BROWN 40; Betty EASTON 9, George EASTON 2 All b. County (NB enumerators were instructed to round ages down to the nearest multiple of 5.)6
     Adam Henderson appeared on the census of 1851 West Middle, Par. of Cavers, ROX, SCT, with Janet Henderson, enumerated as HENDERSON: Adam 35 farm lab b. Southdean, ROX; wife Janet 34 b. Minto, ROX; Children: Elizabeth 8, Peter 5, Isabella 2 all b. Oxnam; Servant Margaret SCOTT 17 farm lab b. Roberton, SEL.7
     Adam Henderson appeared on the census of 1861 Halrule Lodge, Hobkirk, ROX, SCT, with Janet Henderson, enumerated as HENDERSON: Adam 46 farm serv. b. Southdean, ROX; wife Janet 44 ; Children: Isabella 12 b. Oxnam; Margaret 8. George 3 both b. Cavers.8


     As of 1842, Adam Henderson was also known as Edward Henderson Although Elizabeth also gives her father as Edward on her marriage cert. I think the clerk was having a bad day when he wrote her bap. entry - "son"! Especially as the 1841 census shows Adam (sic) and Janet living at Swinsidehall and there are NO Edward HENDERSONs obvious in the OPR in Roxburgh.9,10

All the other info

     NICHOLAS ANDREWS, a farmer residing in section 19, Alma Township, Jackson County, was born in Germany, December 30, 1837. He came with his parents to America in 1850 and located on Long Island, where they remained one year and then came West. Thpy made their home in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, two years before coming to Jackson County. At the age of fifteen Nicholas began working out by the month. He hired to an old sea captain on Black River at $15 a month, and after he had been working two months his employer came to him and said he found it necessary to increase his wages to $26. This of course was pleasing information to the youth, who thought he would be independently rich in a short time if he could earn that amount while so young. Mr. Andrews has had an extensive experience on the river and in the lumber business. For fifteen years he was a pilot on the Mississippi River from La Crosse to St. Louis, and was interested in the lumber business until 1882. In that year he turned his attention to agricultural pursuits. He has long been a resident of Jackson County, having first settled here in 1853. Mr. Andrews has been successful in his many undertakings; has a big warehouse and a large interest in a flouring-mill at Merrillon. In 1887 he built a commodious residence, where with his family he is surrounded by the comforts of life. Mr. Andrews was married March 25,1875, to Margie Henderson, daughter of Adam Henderson, of this county. Her ancestors came to this country from Scotland. Mr. and Mrs. Andrews have five children living, and four deceased. He is a member of the Masonic order and also of the I. O. O. F. They are associated with the Lutheran Church.
Biographical History of Clark and Jackson Counties Wisconsin 1891.11


Janet Easton (cir. 1815 - Dec 1881)
  • Elizabeth Henderson10 (Sep 1842 - May 1890)
  • Peter O Henderson7,12 (cir. 1846 - Nov 1920)
  • Isabella Henderson8 (cir. 1849 - )
  • Margaret Henderson8 (cir. 1853 - )
  • George Henderson8 (cir. 1858 - )
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.