John Turnbull1

(circa October 1753 - 15 December 1826)
FatherJohn Turnbull2 (say 1720 - )
MotherJanet Usher2 (say 1720 - )

BMDB data

     John Turnbull was born cir. Oct 1753 Gattonside, Par. of Melrose, ROX, SCT.1,2 He was baptized on 21 Oct 1753 Melrose, ROX, SCT; entry reads: John s: to John Turnbul & Janet Usher In Gattonside Wit: James & John Boston.2
     John Turnbull married Jane Currie on 26 Jun 1791 Cavers, ROX, SCT, patron submission has 17 Feb 1793, but OPRs show John as of Cavers, Jean as of Eckford, with banns 26 Jun 1791 Cavers and 28th May Eckford.3,4
     John Turnbull died on 15 Dec 1826 Gattonside, Par. of Melrose, ROX; entry for 15 Dec (column headed "Died") shows John TURNBULL as "feuar", Gattonside, aged 73.1
     This family was brought to my attention initially because in 1921 in NZ a descendant married into a descendant of my McEWAN tree.
At the other end of the tree, at least one researcher had John's ancestors as John TURNBULL & Betty FAMILTON, which latter was of Earlston and of a timeframe to be a sister to my William FAMILTON.
However, in verifying the linkages I believe there is a mistmatch in the middle at this John TURNBULL, married to Jane CURRIE, whose son Thomas emigrated to NZ.
Instead of being the son of Thomas TURNBULL and Peggy FORSAN, Thomas being the son of John and Betty (FAMILTON) TURNBULL, I believe there is a case for him to be the son of John TURNBULL and Janet USHER instead.
Assuming that Gattonside is the link, John and Jane (CURRIE) TURNBULL show in the OPRs as baptising children in Melrose.
In 1826 a John TURNBULL, feuar, Gattonside, dies aged 73, so born abt 1753.
In 1753 there is a baptism of a John to John & Janet (USHER) TURNBULL.
1753 is a little too early to be the John son of Thomas and Peggy (FORSAN) TURNBULL, who was baptised 1769.5

All the other info

     John Turnbull was considered as a potential duplicate of John Turnbull, but this has been discounted; John and Jean (CURRIE) TURNBULL are having children at Gattonside 1794 thru 1806, and John, feuar at Gattonside, dies aged 73 in Dec 1826, so unlikely to be the John, born 1769 to Thomas and Peggy (FORSAN), unless a very late baptism, but as Thomas and Peggy didn't marry until 1766, the late baptism theory seems unlikely.6
     John Turnbull and Thomas Turnbull Melrose, ROX, SCT, cir. 1804 were possibly related as father/son as per Vikki's tree - but no baptism obvious despite John & Jane children's baptisms either side of this date.7


Jane Currie (say 1765 - )
  • Janet Turnbull8 (Feb 1794 - )
  • Thomas Turnbull9 (cir. 1804 - Aug 1891)
Last Edited11 Nov 2014


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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.