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     UnknownScottishSoldier was photographed Hamilton City, Wentworth Co., ONT, CAN, so can anyone identify anything about this chap?
The uniform? The setting? The date? The person? Photo is in possession of FAIRBAIRN descendants in Washington State, USA and Hamilton, Ontario, was where the family of James Edward Fairbairn lived.1,2
Last Edited11 Jun 2008


  1. Betsy SCHMITT, "Corres. re FAIRBAIRN/SAFELY between Betsy S & LornaHen," e-mail to Lorna Henderson, Photo of soldier in full tartan regalia, holding sword, taken Hamilton City, ONT, rcvd Jun 2008.
  2. "Lorna's Family History Musings", Jun 2008.

E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.