James Richardson1

(18 July 1853 - 9 April 1854)
FatherJames R Richardson2,3 (Sep 1826 - Jul 1902)
MotherElizabeth McCulloch2,3 (cir. 1835 - Sep 1881)
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     James Richardson was born on 18 Jul 1853 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC, AUS.4,3 He was baptized on 5 Oct 1853 St James, Melbourne, VIC, AUS.3,4
     James Richardson died on 9 Apr 1854 Melbourne, VIC; cert shows Jane (sic) as an 8mth old female (sic), died of Low fever 14 days diarrhoea, certified, dtr of James Richardson, blacksmith and Elizabeth formerly McCulloch, inf. father James, of Melbourne, present at death, reg. 10 Apr, Born Melbourne.2,5,6,7


     James Richardson has also been shown (incorrectly) in records as Jane Richardson it being believed that the Jane death cert is really James.2,7

All the other info

     A bit of a mystery here. The records show a birth and baptism of a son James and a death 8mths later of an 8 mth old Jane, with the cert showing her as female. All subsequent birth certificates for the siblings make no reference to the death of a dtr, only that of a son, until the dtr Catherine dies, so her dth accounts for the "and a dtr" listed on Andrew's 1862 birth cert. We know that a son James did survive, as he is mentioned in his aunt's will, but the most likely candidate for that is an 1866 James born in Dunedin, NZ. When the family emigrated to NZ, there was no child James listed as being with them, only a younger Jane. An initial theory (Ian's) was that James and Jane were twins, but I think I prefer the subsequent one that they are one and the same infant.7,8
ChartsWilliam RICHARDSON of Pringlestead, Eckford
RUNCIMAN of Earlston/Wanton Walls
Last Edited14 Sep 2007


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