John King1

(before 1655 - circa December 1686)
MotherElizabeth UnknownSurname2 (bef. 1630 - aft. 1673)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     John King was born bef. 1655 ?Sampford Spiney, DEV, ENG.3
     John King married Florence Bootel on 2 Aug 1675 Sampford Spiney, DEV, ENG, NB the Dartmoor Press webpage has this couple as marrying 2 Aug 1625, but the actual entry reads "John King & fflorance Bootel was married on the 2th (sic) day of August 1675", so for now, I've assumed that the intervening generation of a Robert and Ann that Mike B had between John/Florence and John/Elizabeth, doesn't exist.1,3
     John King was assumed to have died cir. Dec 1686 prob. at Sampford Spiney, DEV, ENG.4 He was buried on 22 Dec 1686 Walkhampton, DEV, ENG, assumed to be John, husband of Florence, as she shows up being buried as a widow 3 years later, and the house nr Huckworthy Bridge, with smithie, was let again in Jun 1690 (to Samuel Huske, blacksmith of Sampford Spiney) "late in the tenure of John King dec'd."4,5,6

All the other info

     John may, or may not, be connected to the RK of the chest tomb the Dartmoor Press web pages say is in the churchyard of Sampford Spiney. The tomb is reported to have the inscription RKWBT20M1616 on its side, which is believed to mean Richard King was buried this 20 day of Mar 1616, but we're unlikely ever to prove this, no Parish records from that time having survived.
I do note however that in the section of the web pages devoted to Elizabethan Manorial Records, that the 1585 Manor Court Rolls contain two references to a Robert Kinge, and the 1582 rolls also. In 1581 the name is associated with Filleighe Down (assumed to later be known as The Filley)
I also now have my suspicions that wife Florence might have been a widow and be nee Geeles, father John of Walkhampton. This is of course, complete conjecture. It is based on the 1673 tenancy agreement which names a fflorence Geeles, as a life, and dated a couple of years prior to John's marriage to fflorence Bootel.7,8,2,9
     On 11 Aug 1673 John King was named as tenant of House, nr Huckworthy Bridge, Par. of Sampford Spiney, DEV, ENG, with Elizabeth King and Florence Geeles as named lives. The extract shows John Drake of Ivybridge and John King as blacksmith of Sampford Spiney, "for and in consideration of the surrendering and yeildinge up of two former grants or leases in the Tenement hereafter mentioned and the sume of thyrtie five shillings ... all that dwelling house hearb garden orchard and Common of Pasture in and upon the downe called Sampford downe with the appurtenances thereunto belonginge lying and beinge neer Huckery Bridge .. now in the possession or occupation of Elizabeth King mother of the said John King, rent 3/4d, heriot 3/4d". Lives: Elizabeth King, mother, said John King, fflorence daughter of John Geeles, late of Walkhampton deceased
Is it too much of a coincidence that there's a fflorence mentioned here and a John King married a fflorence Bootel? Admittedly the dates, 1673 for this lease and 1675 for the marriage, are rather too close and cast doubt on my conjecture.2,9


Florence Bootel (bef. 1655 - cir. Jan 1689)
  • John King10 (aft. 1675 - cir. Dec 1676)
  • John King+ (aft. 1676 - cir. Mar 1737); having removed the intervening Robert/Ann inserted by the Dartmoor Web pages11
  • Roger King12 (aft. 1676 - cir. May 1690)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.