William Richardson1

(circa 1670 - between 1714 and 1726)
Relationship7th great-grandfather of Lorna Henderson

BMDB data

     William Richardson was born cir. 1670 ?Eckford, ROX, SCT.1 He and Isabel UnknownSurname were estimated to have married say 1690 ?ROX, SCT, (not on Eckford marriages Sct People.)1,2
     William Richardson died bet. 1714 - 1726 prob. at Pringlestead, Par. of Eckford, ROX, SCT.1

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     In 1695 William Richardson and Isabel Richardson were living Cabertoune, Par. of Eckford, ROX, SCT, when dtr Grissell baptized.3
     By 1709 William Richardson was living Pringlestead, Par. of Eckford, ROX, SCT, when dtr Marion married.1,4

All the other info

     With sparse records this far back, and what few there are showing little detail it is a leap of faith that the family ascribed to William is truly his.
I began to think that possibly the later children George, John and Adam might not belong to "my" William & Isabel, as I'd found a William & Isabel Cowans who married at Eckford in 1709 and there was a time gap between William, 1707 and George 1711. Evidence for this theory included finding that Marion may be older than I originally thought, making "my" Isabel getting on a bit for the later children.
I was about to shift them out of this family when I checked George's 1711 baptism, which said to William of Pringlestead.
So, if I accept that the Pringlestead means "our" William, they get a reprieve (didn't check John and Adam's, but William, before the 1710 marriage, was also at Pringles stead, and William of Pringlestead was the cautioner for Marion's 1709 marriage).
The other leap of faith is that Grissell belongs, and that William of Cabertoune is the same person as William of Pringlestead.
I've not yet found a marriage for William and Isabel
He appears not to have left a will to help us poor benighted researchers 200 years later.5 On 3 Aug 1709 Eckford, ROX, SCT, William Richardson was a cautioner at the marriage of Adam Hunter and Marion Richardson; Jun 19 Adam Huntar in Jedburgh Paroch & Marion Richardson in this paroch gave up yr names in order to marriage William Richardson in pringlestead caut in caise (sic) of miscarriage they gave 12s to ye poor married Augst 3 1709.4,1

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     William Richardson belongs to a DNA tested line. There may be more information available on DNASurnames under the DNA project for his/her surname/line.


Isabel UnknownSurname (say 1670 - )
  • Marion Richardson4 (say 1690 - )
  • Robert Richardson+ (cir. 1694 - aft. 1736); I am assuming that this relationship is based on naming pattern and parish only, (although I would expect the mother to be Margaret rather than Isabel if we have all the children of Robert & Margaret identified)1,5
  • Grissell Richardson1,3 (1695 - )
  • Elizabeth Richardson (May 1699 - )
  • Issobell Richardson6,1 (cir. Mar 1701 - )
  • Agnes Richardson (Mar 1703 - )
  • James Richardson (Apr 1705 - )
  • William Richardson+7,1 (cir. Jun 1707 - aft. 1748)
  • George Richardson (cir. Jul 1711 - )
  • John Richardson (Sep 1712 - )
  • Adam Richardson (cir. May 1714 - )
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.