Ballachly Cem., Par. of Latheron, CAI, SCT

Click on the links above and zoom in for where I think this is (The map isn't the most detailed in this area, so it is only approximate).
Not the most hospitable places to be buried, but at least the Bain family had the sense to have a grave in a prime position for the less mobile to actually be able to see it from the gate as it certainly isn't easy to navigate this cemetery. It looked bad in 1994, and I see by these 2007 photos (ta Bobby, that saved me from finding mine, a task that has been on my to-do list for many years) that access has not improved. According to the MI booklet, the grave next door is marked "This grave never to be opened".
The position of Ballachly is underlined on the attached map, but my memory of the cemetery itself is on the other side of the road from the dot on the map presumably representing Ballachly. However, I consider myself extremely privileged, many thanks especially to Barb, to have actually seen this cemetery and the stone which commemorates my 4xgreats grandparents and some of their family.

Caithness ex Groomes, c 1896 Edition
Ballachly Cemetery, Par. of Latheron, taken by Bobby B, 2007
Ballachly Cemetery Gate, with Bain headstone visible, photo courtesy of Bobby B, March 2007
Bain headstone, Ballachly Cemetery, photo courtesy of Bobby B, March 2007