Dykehead, Par. of Kirkandrews on Esk, CUL, ENG

(sometimes spelt Dikehead)
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Barbara and I rolled up to this farm, unannounced, asking if we could have a look around. The forbearing chap who answered the door, turned to someone inside the house and said "it's some more of those Americans wanting to look around dear".
Must work on my accent!
Late breaking news (Dec 2008): Due to writing the above little story up (with the place anonymous) for my GenBlog, and a few days later finding out a lot more about my Turnbull families that lived there, I was contacted by one of my WIGHT relations who had read the stories. He thought I might be interested to know that he sold Dykehead in the early 1990s, probably 1993 or 4. If the latter, his father may even have been the farmer concerned.
I have documentary evidence (baptisms and marriages) that show my Turnbull families in residence there from at least 1745 (earlier baptisms weren't as helpful) thru to 1812 at least.
By 1829 directories list a James Armstrong as the farmer there.
I am informed (by the above cousin) that in 1912 the Netherby Estate sold off Dykehead, Glendinning Rigg and another 50 farms and other properties belonging to the Estate. (1910 was when Hornick Hill and the Fauld were sold from the Estate).