Cleuch (Cleugh) Burnfoot, Forth, Par. of Carnwath, LKS, SCT

Memory plays tricks. Back in 1994/5 the location of Cleuch Burnfoot had been identified for me by locals, and a recent (2011) search on google maps led me to suspect that it had become this modernised version (also see below for snapshot).
My memory of the site of the pair of dilapidated stone buildings locals identified back in 1994/5 was of much smaller buildings. They housed the growing family of James and Amelia HENDERSON from at least 1841 to 1847.
Cousin Bill has recently returned from Scotland, and very kindly visited the site to confirm the above suspicisions. The current owners also provided the attached "before" photo, which Bill has photographed for us (google provided the "after" version).

Cleuch Burnfoot, 2003
Cleuch Burnfoot, 2011