William McAdie1

(1830 - 30 July 1882)
FatherGeorge McAdie1 (say 1805 - )

BMDB data

     William McAdie was born in 1830 Wick, CAI, SCT.1
     William McAdie married Sarah Jane Abbott on 3 Jun 1857 in the District Ch of St Peter, Par. of Stepney, MDX, ENG, cert. shows William as 26, HM Customs, s/o George McADIE, farmer; Sarah Jane as 21 d/o Charles Carrell ABBOTT, clerk Inland Revenue; Both were resid. 2 Maria Terrace; Wit: Charles C & Rebekah ABBOTT (Kate advises father and sister to Sarah.)2,3,4
     William George McAdie died on 30 Jul 1882 7 Boleyn Rd, Upton, Dist of West Ham, ESS, ENG; cert. shows William George as 52, Custom House Officer; c.o.d. cancer of stomach 9 mths & ?dropsy?; Inf. son C McADIE present at death, 7 Boleyn Rd, Upton.5,6
     With a marriage cert. showing William's father as George McADIE, farmer, it is highly likely that William married to Sarah ABBOTT is indeed the son of George & Elizabeth (ROSIE) McADIE of Hillhead, but there are other candidates.
Some have been gradually eliminated from inquiries.
William son of George & Margaret (LEVACH) McADIE. Although his brother Robert was also a Customs Officer, he couldn't be in two places in 1861, and it's rather hard to appear in the 1871 and 1881 census if you've died in 1865 (single, from Wick).
Still to be eliminated from inquiries:
William, in Australia in Ararat (VIC), 1874 where Harold Henderson McADIE was born to Jessie McADIE, dtr of Robert & Ann (MEASON) McADIE.
This William may, or may not, be the one supposedly marrying a Janet MURRAY in 1853 - where? VIC?7,8,9

Census/Where lived/Occupations

     It is possible that William McAdie and James Bain were 18 Margaret St, Glasgow St David, LKS, SCT, in 1851 MacKAY: John 41 breaksman on railb Bover Fa, SUT; wife Janet 40 b Thurso, CAI; Children: Catherine 9 b Barbead, Renfrewshire; Alexander 6 scholar, Janet 4, Murray 3, William 1 all b Glasgow; Lodgers: James BAIN 22 shoemaker b Bower; William McCADIE 21 joiner b Wick;
However, for this to be the William who married Sarah ABBOTT, he has to have gone from farmer's son to joiner to Customs officer, which seems an unlikely, although not impossible, career path.10,11
     William McAdie appeared on the census of 7 Apr 1861 Mile End Old Town, Par. of Trinity, LND, ENG, with Sarah Jane Abbott, enumerated as McADIE: William 31 outdoor officer HMC b Caithness, SCT; wife Sarah I 25 b Deal, KEN; Children: Ellen A 3 b Ratcliffe, MDX, Alice L A 3 mos b Bow, MDX; Visitor: DARACHA, gentleman's servant b Bombay.12
     William McAdie was shown as the head of the household in the census of 1871 2 Longfellow Rd East, Mile End Old Town, Par. of Trinity, LND, ENG, with Sarah enumerated as McADIE: William 40 outdoor officer H M Customs b Edin SCT; wife Sarah A 35 b Deal, KEN; Children: Elizabeth A 13 b Stepney MDX, Alice I A 10 scholar, Charles 6 scholar, William G 3, Laura M M 6mos, all b Mile End.2
     The census of 1881 showed William with his wife Sarah, their sons Charles, Albert and William, their dtrs Louisa and Ada Boleyn Rd 7 Margaret Tce, West Ham, ESS, ENG, household enumerated as McADIE: William 51 officer customs, b Caithness, SCT; wife Sarah Jane 45 b Deal, KEN: Children: Charles 16, William G 13 scholar, Louisa 6 scholar, all b Mile End MDX; Alfred 2 b Plaistow ESS; Ada M 6mos b ?Upton?, ESS.13


     As of 1882, William McAdie was also known as William George McAdie.5

All the other info

     William McAdie and William McAdie are possibly the same person one with HM Customs in London, married to Sarah ABBOTT, father George, a farmer; the other the son of George McADIE and Elizabeth ROSIE, with them in 1841 at Hillhead (thought there was a better match with George/Margaret, George being s/o William and Susannah (MILLICAN) but he died single in Forres).
It is highly possible that the one married to Sarah is George and Elizabeth's William, but I'd be happier if I could definitively find him in 1851, and/or rule out the one married to Janet MURRAY, and the one living in Ararat (VIC) in 1874 (who may be one and the same William.)14,1


Sarah Jane Abbott (cir. 1836 - aft. 1881)
  • Elizabeth Ann McAdie2 (bet. Jan 1858 - Mar 1858 - aft. 1891)
  • Alice Jane Abbott McAdie2 (cir. Jan 1861 - aft. 1891)
  • Charles McAdie13 (cir. 1865 - aft. 1891)
  • William George McAdie1 (bet. Sep 1867 - Dec 1867 - aft. 1911)
  • Laura M M McAdie2 (cir. Oct 1870 - aft. 1871)
  • Louisa McAdie13 (cir. 1875 - aft. 1881)
  • Albert McAdie13 (cir. 1879 - aft. 1881)
  • Ada M McAdie13 (cir. Oct 1880 - aft. 1881)
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E. & O. E. Some/most parish records are rather hard to read and names, places hard to interpret, particularly if you are unfamiliar with an area.