The people on this section of my web pages are a subset of my database - those who are connected in some way with original documents I have copies of: letters, wills etc.
My thanks are due to those who shared them with me.

There are now several "collections" represented since the intial one of a large number of letters from Devon to the relations who had emigrated to New Zealand in the 1850s, covering a period from the 1860s through to the early 1900s.

Those originals are in the possession of a ROWE descendant, Marion in New Zealand, who kindly allowed me to photograph them. I'm not a professional photographer, the results are not brilliant, but at least the letters may now be shared. Others in this collection are from within New Zealand, Australia to New Zealand etc.

Subsequent additions are a number of wills (mainly RICHARDSONs), and several of my ROWE family documents.

Another major collection is a recent addition (Jan 2010) which will take rather a long time to sift through.
It consists of a treasure trove of family memorabilia rescued from a house clearance (or two) in Melbourne, and relates to the family of John SUTHERLAND and Jane McKENZIE of Shetland, several of whose children emigrated to Australia in the 1920s.

To see individual documents, either follow the links to specific lists on the left hand side of the screen, and thence the thumbnails on the resulting page, or click on the camera icon that appears on the page for the individual person.

If the document writer is included in the narrative portions of my main pages, a magnifying glass icon will appear next to their name near the top of the page.

Enjoy following the lives of my relations as they impart, often sad, news to others, or remember them in their wills.